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Supporting Children and their Families

McKenzie Friends

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Law Centres

Law Centres offer legal advice, casework and representation to individuals and groups.  Spotting local trends and issues in the course of their work, they highlight them to bring about necessary policy changes and to prevent future problems. Law Centres also help build capacity within local communities by training and supporting local groups and educating people about the law and their rights.

In the link below you will find an A-Z list of Law Centres which may be able to assist you.

Advocate (Formally Bar ProBono Unit)

Advocate is a charity which finds free legal help from barristers and makes it possible for barristers to balance a dedicated practice with making a significant contribution to the community. They match make members of the public who need help with barristers who are willing to donate their time and expertise in deserving cases for those who are unable to obtain legal aid and cannot afford to pay.

Advocate is an application based service which members of the public can access via referral from advice agencies, Law Centres, or their local MP.

Personal Support Unit

The PSU provides trained volunteers who give free, independent assistance to people facing proceedings without legal representation in Civil and Family Courts and Tribunals. Their service is offered equally to everyone who asks and it is confidential, impartial and open to all.

A list of Personal Support Units can be found by clicking this link.

List of PSUs Lucy Reed - Family Court without a Lawyer

Lucy Reed (Barrister at St John’s Chambers)

Lucy Reed is a barrister specialising in family law, a family mediator and legal writer. She has distilled the knowledge and expertise gained from representing clients in court over many years to write the essential guide to the Family Court for the non-lawyer. In clear language she provides a thorough guide to the law that you will need to know, plus countless tips and insights on how you should best prepare and present your case.

In addition to her book The Family Court without a Lawyer, Lucy has produced three excellent videos for the Litigant in Person.

A link to her Book and Videos are found here.

Alternative Resources

A page for those who wish to go it alone or simply have no other choice.

Citizens Advice

A link to their information is provided below if you need to look for further information or assistance from the CAB.

Additional Resources

There are many sources of information to help the Litigant In Person.  More details can be found in our links throughout our site.

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