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Family Law Assistance

Supporting Children and their Families

McKenzie Friends

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McKenzie Friend Organisation Ltd Registered in England and Wales Co No  10978930

Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. WC2H 9JQ

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Complaints about NALP Members

Complaints About

McKenzie Friends

This is another difficult area for those who elect to engage the services of a McKenzie Friend.

There is no governing or regulatory body to which a Litigant in Person can make a complaint in respect of errors, poor conduct or unethical behaviour by a McKenzie Friend.

Complaints about McKenzie Friends who are registered with the IoP, NALP, PPR or CILEx can be made to those organisations.  However there is no requirement for a McKenzie Friend to register with them.

The McKenzie Friend Organisation will accept complaints about McKenzie Friends listed on our site and has a procedure for doing this.

“The Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) is a voluntary registered scheme to promote professional paralegals as a recognised fourth arm of the legal profession and to enhance consumer choice and protection. Only paralegals that are on this register are regulated by us.”

Professional Code of Conduct

for McKenzie Friends

There has been much debate in recent months about McKenzie Friends needing to be Registered, Regulated, be Insured and have a Code of Conduct to safeguard consumers and professionals.

It is a difficult subject given the scope of McKenzie Friends, the range of skills and qualifications they have and the often voluntary role they perform.

The only requirement for a McKenzie Friend to assist a Litigant in Person is the Practice Guidance1 issued for Civil and Family Courts in 2010.

The Practice Guidance can be downloaded (PDF File) here.  (Opens new window.)

Pratice Direction 2010 - McKenzie Friends

Note 1:  The Practice Guidance 2010 covers the jurisdiction of Civil and Family Courts in England and Wales only. There is a separate Practice Note for Northern Ireland.  Scotland has Lay Advisors who are similar to but not the same as McKenzie Friends. Please email us if you need further information regarding this.

© Professional Paralegal Register

Professional Paralegal Register

We provide information and advice to all parents who are seeking to maintain a full, meaningful and responsible, relationship with their children after family break down or divorce.

We aim to assist those parents in their endeavours to achieve equal and just treatment in the Family Courts and from their associated services.

Whilst we are not a Regulatory Body we do wish to promote and maintain the highest possible standards.

Complaints Procedure

McKenzie Friend Organisation

If you have a complaint about a McKenzie Friend working through our Organisation please contact us directly and confidentially by using our Complaints Policy linked here.

MFO Complaints Policy.pdf The IoP NALP PPR

Types of Lawyers a useful guide.

Other Sources of Information

Consumer Rights Act 2015

If you pay for the services of a McKenzie Friend, you should be treated fairly and get a good level of service under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


Links are provided on here to other organisations for your information.