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Family Law

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Family Law McKenzie Friends

Almost all of our listed McKenzie Friends are able to assist you in Family Law, private proceedings, with some also willing to assist in public law cases. Please click on the link below to find someone local who may be able to help you.

Divorce and eye-watering legal fees need not go hand in hand.

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Divorce Self Help Information

Author: Debbie Thomas Stop Paying Out

McKenzie Friends are becoming a familiar form of assistance in Family Law proceedings in England and Wales.  Many Magistrates and Legal Advisors recognise that a good McKenzie Friend can not only be of value to a Litigant in Person but also to the Family Court itself in ensuring documents are well prepared, easy to read and in a recognisable format, as well as in informing and managing a Litigant in Person’s expectations within the proceedings.  Judges too are far more likely to allow a degree of flexibility in proceedings if they know an established McKenzie Friend  is assisting.

It is important to remember that a McKenzie Friend is there to assist you, not represent you.  They cannot conduct litigation on your behalf, write letters to the other party for example, nor file legal documents on your behalf.

Whatever your circumstance always make the time to carefully select a McKenzie Friend you feel can assist you in the way you wish to be assisted. Many will go above and beyond your expectations in helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

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